Fighting 4 Rights: Young People’s International Evidence Network for Disability & Solidarity

“This network is about young disabled people having a voice and a platform”
(steering group member)

“…gathering all of what we’ve got together, and what we are fighting for, because that’s what we are up against… what’s been set as norm.”
(steering group member)

We are together reaching out to young disabled people across the world to join the steering group to:

• Organise an international research event (physical and online) to happen on 11th, 12th & 13th April 2024
• Share what works for collaborative research projects
• Develop ideas for projects that cross international boundaries

We want to know how universities can support more collaborative research with young disabled people (up to age 30) across the globe.

If you are an academic working with a group on peer led, co-created, collaborative or participatory research with young disabled people, please get in touch with Dr Deborah Crook

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